Here's Alpha Tango, Do you read me?

Welcome to the Alpha Tango universe. The first distillery in the world to use cattail in spirits. We create exceptional & unique spirits that will satisfy connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world.

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Welcome to the Alpha Tango Universe

Cocktail "César dans l'espace" avec vodka Mission Kosmos Alpha Tango
Daniel Corriveau et l'alambic Alpha Tango

A unique Signature

Alpha Tango is a father and son duo determined to create unique spirits of the highest quality, both with its brand image and through the development of its products. We use local ingredients that are still  unknown to consumers to give a unique experience from the first drop. From the start, we have had a deep desire to offer products that stand out for their originality. When people see our products, we want them to notice our unique signature. We are a microdistillery that thinks like the big boys; we dream of the day when our products will be found all over the world. Welcome to the Alpha Tango universe!

Daniel Corriveau et Alex Gaudreault, fondateurs des Spiritueux Alpha Tango